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On behalf of the Board, I would like to first wish everyone the best of health in this Coronavirus disease 2019 (“Covid-19”) pandemic time. I am glad to inform you that our management has taken very active steps to encourage Covid-19 vaccinations for the safety of our employees. To-date, we have achieved almost 100% full vaccination and booster status for our employees. Although the vaccine will not completely prevent a person from getting Covid-19, it is effective in preventing serious illness or death, thereby allowing the vaccinated person to live with relative peace of mind.

As the challenges associated with Covid-19 continued throughout 2021, the Group and the Company were not spared from the vulnerabilities faced by many businesses, resulting from the threats posed by the prolonged Covid-19 outbreak. The Group operated in a difficult operating environment in 2021, with negative impact on the supply chain and less than 100% workforce capacity allowed in our operations. The Board has reviewed the actions taken by the management of the Group during the unprecedented pandemic and believes that they have performed admirably in taking all necessary actions and precautions to ensure operational continuity and safeguarding the health and safety of our  stakeholders. This has ensured that the Group’s operational processes and service levels were not severely disrupted.

The Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expanded 3.1% in 2021, signaling that the country is on a recovery path after about two years of the Covid-19 crisis. The rebound in GDP growth was supported by easing of containment measures and strong external demand conditions. The revenue of the Group for 2021 has improved slightly, however our export markets were still affected by the weak global market as governments over the world instituted various lockdown and/or containment measures in their efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The Board of Directors focuses on the adoption of strategic planning and implementation of control management navigate through the business uncertainty. I believe, with the leadership of the Board of Directors, the sound Corporate Governance practices inculcated in the Group, we can ensure the Group operates effectively and reliably, and in the best interest of our stakeholders. Together with the team work from our management team, we will be above to ride out difficult period and strive to achieve our Corporate Mission and Vision, and to support its long-term value creation.


Board of Directors

Chua Seng Huat
(Executive Chairman)

Dato’ John Chua Seng Chai
(Group Managing Director)

Chua Seng Guan
(Group Executive Director)

Pauline Getrude Chua Hui Lin
(Executive Director)

Chua Yew Lin
(Executive Director)

Dato Sim Kheng Boon
(Independent Non-Executive Director)

Kho Soon Kheng
(Independent Non-Executive Director)

Yong Lin Lin
(Independent Non-Executive Director)

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